To be eligible to apply for a Global Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 202) through the Special Humanitarian Program you must be:

  • outside Australia (offshore)
  • living outside your home country
  • subject to substantial discrimination in your home country amounting to a gross violation of your human rights
  • proposed by an Australian citizen or Permanent resident, an Eligible New Zealand citizen, or an organisation based in Australia.

When you arrive

Your proposer is expected to help you settle in Australia. Your proposer should:

  • meet you at the airport
  • provide your immediate accommodation needs
  • help you find permanent accommodation
  • help you with services and service providers such as:
  • Australia’s social security agency, Centrelink
  • banks
  • public transport
  • translating and interpreting services
  • health care
  • education
  • employment
  • childcare

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