Australian Immigration Visitor Visa

The immigration visitor visa enables you to visit and stay in Australia for a shorter period of time. Australia is a popular destination for tourism and with its long coastline, natural wonders and modern living. The experience of visiting Australia with places like Melbourne is something to be cherished for a lifetime.

Eligibility for Australian immigration visitor visa

You are eligible for Australian immigration visitor visa for business or tourism purpose and you should apply for subclass 600 under the following provisions:

  1. Tourism which means visiting for purposes of recreation or for visiting friends and family.
  2. Business can include attending conferences, signing deals and other purposes.

Rules and Regulations for the Australian immigration visitor visa

The following are the rules and regulations that you should consider going through the Australian tourism visa checklist.

  • The person who enters Australia on a visitor visa is not permitted to work or provided any kind of service to the businesses based in the continent.
  • The person entering the continent through visitor visa cannot directly sell any goods or services to the Australian public.
  • The person who intends to study in an informal course which lasts for less than 3 months can apply for a visitor visa.

Visitor visas for parents of Australian Citizens: Subclass (103)

The parents of permanent residents of Australia or Australian citizens can apply for a visitors visa for a longer period of time. The visas granted for parents can be based on:

  • Multiple entries for a period of five years validity and in the provision of staying more than a year at a time.
  • The visa may be granted for a period of three years of validity with a provision of staying continuously for not more than 12 months at one time for parents who are not in the Parent visa queue.

If you are planning to visit Australia for tourism, business or visiting your relatives, then you can contact our visitors visa agents at for Australian immigration visitor visa.

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